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Do you have a club boat, and what are the charges?
Yes we do have a club boat, have a look at the Club Boat page for Membership & Tow prices
Do you allow Casual Ski visitors?
Unfortunately we only provide facilities for members of the club,
However non boat owners can join as members on our Club Boat
Do you allow Casual Ski boat visitors?
Unfortunately not, you have to become a boat member.
How usable is the launch ramp between tides?
We usually advise launching up to three hours before high tide, and recover up to three hours after,so you can expect up to six hours of water time.
Do you run SBDA courses for non-members?
SBDA courses are only available for members and CHA ski permit holders
Do you run Ski courses for non-members?
Ski courses are only run for our members.

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